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GPS Treasure Hunting at Woodland Echoes

"Search, See, Learn and Stay Awhile"

Whether you own a "G.P.S." (Global Position System Unit) or not, plan to try to find prize caches at. Woodland Echoes.You're invited to Woodland Echoes to try geocacheing. It is a fun-filled treasure hunt: easy to learn, easy to do! The "experience" has several rewards including chances to win prizes. It is free and can be done alone or with a group.Surround yourself in the beauty and heritage of the Magnetawan area, while "exploring" natural and community attractions. Find interesting and informative stories at each cache that highlights the natural and cultural heritage of the area. There are several caches; some easy to find, others more challenging; you choose!

What is geocaching?
Geocaching was born in May 2000 when 24 satellites around the globe were activated,instantly making GPS (Global Positioning System) pinpoint accurate. One curious owner of a handheld GPS unit decided to test the accuracy of the system by hiding a bucket filled with inexpensive items and a logbook. He recorded the exact location and challengedother GPS users to find the cache. The only rule was to take something, leave something and record the visit in the logbook. And modern treasure hunting was born with active caches in 221 countries.

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What you need

Still not sure what geocaching is about have a look at this! to see what others say

We will show you how to use a GPS unit

What is GPS Treasure Hunting?

The GPS treasure hunt combines the navigation of a handheld Global Positioning System receiver and the excitement of a treasure hunt, all within the great outdoors. A cache is a hiding place for the treasure and the GPS unit is used to find on the ground where the cache (treasure) is located.There are 3 types of caches :1. Virtual( where you look for some key word in a sign)2. Multi level cache where you have to find clues at several locations before you can find the cache 3. Live Cache ( where you find the traditional box or bucket with prizes, etc.)
For more general information go to as one example. If you are using this page to locate cache locations in this area, you can enter our postal code in their search box. ours is P0A 1P0.There are about 18 caches in the Magnetawan area. If you want a PDF file showing the caches in our area click here to down load, so when you head out you will have the clues to finding the caches. The level of difficulty to find the caches is listed with each clue. Note they are changing all the time. Be sure to check back frequently to find more caches.

Here is how it works:

What you need:
  • An interest in the outdoors
  • A note pad
  • Access to the Internet You can use our free high speed access to record your finds!
  • A GPS or Compass (If you do not have one, WOODLAND ECHOES has one available to rent. We will provide instruction)
  • A list of the clues
  • A number of small gifts to exchange for ones now in the caches
Here is what you do:
  • Print out the clues to finding the caches, you can do this at home before you come to WOODLAND ECHOES. For a small fee, we have a computer with Internet access if you want to check sites and clues here or bring your lap top and use our free wireless Internet access.
  • Go out and find the caches!
  • Record your name, leave a prize and take a prize.
  • If you have a digital camera take photos of your adventure
  • Go to the web site and record your experiences and up load your photos
  • HAVE FUN!!!

GPS Treasure Hunting at Woodland Echoes

When you register at WOODLAND ECHOES pick up a list of clues and learn to use a GPS to locate hidden caches where you'll find stories and prizes. The more caches you find, the more chances you have to exchange prizes. Each guest receives instruction in the use of a GPS as well as a book of clues for where to look for caches. At the same time, enjoy our resort accommodation and free use of canoes, paddle boats, mountain bikes and hiking trails.

Here is what we offer:

Here is what it costs:

You can book your adventure here:

  Make your reservation nowNeed more information, or to book your GEO caching holiday e-mail us.

Your hosts: Ken, David & Carol Turner

Woodland Echoes Resort

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Magnetawan, Ontario

Toll free reservations only 1-888-661-3669

GPS: N 045° 39.415” , W 079° 38.87” || E 0605341 N 5056829

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