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Dog Sled Adventures with Sugar Dogs Adventure Company
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Basic 1/2 and Day Dog Sledding Tours

Upon booking your accommodations and tour preferences we will send you out a confirmation. Start times will be determined prior to your arrival, please adhere to them as closely as possible. If you face bad weather or there is any other reason why you will not arrive on time, please contact Ed Schmidt on his cell at 705-499-9941

At the start of your tour you will meet at the designated location (see included Map) you will have the opportunity to meet with your dog team in preparation for the tour. We like to allow plenty of time for rest stops, lunch on the trail,( full day tour) or a break ( 1/2 day tour) and to take advantage of the many incredible photo opportunities that will present themselves in this beautiful winter wilderness area.

Although the pace will be set and geared towards your experience and ability, this adventure will challenge you physically. You will be active from the time you arrive until the time you leave. You will help move the dogs in and out of the truck and harness and hook the into a team, drive the sled yourself along with a partner. Driving a team involves controlling the sled by leaning pulling on the handle bar in turns, applying brake pressure to slow the sled on descents, learning the commands the dogs will respond to, and running or walking uphill and pushing or peddling to help the team as needed. There will be instances where you will be running alongside or behind the sled.

Clothing Requirements

When considering your clothing for any winter trekking experience remember to layer to stay warm. Your layers should be easy to remove as you warm up from exercise and conversely to add layers as you begin to cool. This is not the time to make a fashion statement or to bring everything you own. Remember the more you bring the more it will affect your progress. Most people can come up with practical layers without spending a fortune, if anything at all. Think of organizing your clothing into three different layers and make sure to bring an extra of all your base layers.

First Layer

This layer is next to your skin. It is important to wear something that will wick moisture away from your skins surface. A synthetic material such as "polyester" works best but wool, silk and thermal underwear can provide adequate protection. Different material blends such as polypro/wool or polyester/wool blends provide an excellent compromise and sometimes are preferred. You should never wear cotton next to your skin as it will retain moisture and it will stay cold. You can look for these items at any outdoor store or there is usually a selection at Value Village or any consignment store.

Second Layer

This is your insulation layer. Any materials that will provide warmth will work in this layer. Synthetic materials such as polar fleece are ideal but not essential. Blue jeans or any cotton material are not recommended or acceptable for this activity. Wool is fine. Wool and fleece are ideal and also can be picked up at a fraction of the price at consignment stores.

Third Layer

This layer is your protective outer layer and the key element to block out the wind and wetness of the snow. A breathable waterproof coat should provide the necessary protection. A ski jacket and pants are also a good choice, but remember the water proof factor. If this layer is not waterproof there are safe products on the market to add protection, such as Scotch Guard sprays and Dubbins but try to get a waterproof material. Please note the difference between water resistant and waterproof. Water resistant materials will soak up the moisture in the snow and will become heavy and wet.


Your hands and feet are the first appendages that will become cold. Protecting your feet will require liner socks made of polypropylene and wool socks and warm boots with removable liners. Hiking boots or ski boots are not adequate. Try "Sorrels" rated at at least -25C. Warm waterproof mitts with pull out liners for general use and thin gloves for handling and harnessing the dogs are both essential. Do not forget that a warm wool/ fleece lined hat will keep 60% of your body heat from escaping.

Check List

Boots with removable Liners Extra Liners Socks (2 pair)
Pants (1 outer, 1 inner) No Denim Long Underwear
Sweaters (2) Jacket Neck/Face Protection
Hat (wool) Mittens (2 pairs) Gloves (1 pair)
Winter Coat/Parka    


Personal items such as sunscreen, lip balm, camera, a light pair of boots and a change of clothing for the ride home could be included at your discretion. We also recommend that you bring a supply of disposable hand and foot warmers. Make sure that you bring a supply of water along with you as well.