Fish Cleaning

How to clean a fish

How to Clean a fish!

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As a service to all our guests who enjoy fishing we have prepared these instructions on fish cleaning to help you enjoy your catch!

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How to clean a Bass . . .

1) Be sure your filet knife is sharp. That is the key to easy fish cleaning

2)Make a cut on one side behind the gills and behind the side fin. Cut down until you feel the rib and back bone

3) Turn the fish over an make the same cut on the other side of the fish

4)Turn the fish on it's belly and cut down to the top of the rib cage, and along the back bone until you are in line with the vent

5) Push the knife through the fish until it emerges from the bottom. Angle the knife along the back bone towards the tail.

6) Turn the fish up onto it's belly and make a second cut along the back bone repeating the same steps as # 5

5)Now go back to the rib area of the fish and cut down along the rib bones ,past the gut area to the bottom

6)Cut along the bottom of the fish to remove the fillet. Turn the fish over and do the same on the other side of the fish.

7)Grip the skin with your finger nails and cut down to the skin. Angle the knife towards the skin and cut towards the thick part of the fillet, pealing the skin away from the meat.

8) After skinning the fish fillets, feel along the area where the ribs were. Some times there are small bones to be removed.

9) All done. Wash the fillets.


  • To store the fillets for a long time, add some water that the fish was caught in to a waterproof container and freeze it. Milk bags or cartons work well.
  • When thawing do so in cold water.
  • Use Crisco to fry the fish

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