Icelandic Horseback Riding Packages


Not interested in Horseback riding? then check our our Fall Golf information

Ride the magnificent Icelandic Horse and enjoy their magical gait - "The Tölt". Tölt is a remarkably smooth four-beat gait without a moment of suspension. In tölt, a horse has always either one or two feet on the ground. Icelandic's have gained most of their popularity due to their ability to tölt. The Icelandic Horse is a horse for everyone. Its good temperament and behaviour make it suitable for children and adults alike. It is the reason why we at Woodland Echoes are proud to offer our guests this unique experience


Come this year come and enjoy the ride,

you will not be sorry you did!

If you are not able to take advantage of the full day package we will arrange for hourly rides at two local stables, just ask[E-mail]

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